Thank you to all the WHP team for your considerable efforts and commitment. It has been a fantastic year and one which everyone involved should take some time to reflect on and feel particularly proud of their contribution and positive impact. The success of this programme has had a direct impact on the experience of our customers.

It has taken a great deal of effort and commitment from everyone to achieve the deliverables that we have this year, but without it feeling particularly difficult – that in the main is due to the truly collaborative relationship we have developed together and continue to build upon. I would be grateful if you would share my thanks with the whole team at WHP.

Our team’s got on very well and this was an enabler for success.

The WHP team were extremely focussed, expert and driven to achieve the goals of the project.

Our challenge was to create a programme method and culture that would bring together numerous stakeholders. WHP’s team did this and the programme was a success.

The benefits we received from the advice given was outstanding. The insight brought to the programme workshop enabled us to chart a clear path forward.