Thanks for saving our bacon more than once and thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. It’s been wonderful working with you

The enormity of this achievement must not be underestimated – totally awesome achievement, your phenomenal commitment is truly inspirational

Please accept heartiest appreciation for completing today’s site, despite adverse weather conditions

The team are doing a fantastic job, we only have 2 suppliers and they will all be channelled through WHP

The WHP team have not skipped a beat here. It’s been a really good example of just how good things can go.

Yesterday, we achieved 120 L8 sites, the number we set out to achieve back in January 2017!
Yes, it has been hard work; hardware shortages, re-planning due to passive delays, last minute transmission deliveries etc. etc. BUT we hit the target that we set out to hit and WHP played a big part in this.
Please take a moment to acknowledge the success and share my thanks with the wider WHP team.

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