With over 30 years track record in delivering expert services we have developed an unrivaled breadth and depth of experience.

Each assignment or project we undertake has its bespoke service designed by the leadership team in conjunction with our client. In the very complex telecoms industry we find each project has its own attributes in terms of scope, structure, objectives and culture. This means we regularly draw on a mixture of our core services to provide the ‘end to end’ solution.

This end to end service that WHP provide, not only differentiates us but makes us the ideal partner for all deployment needs. With dedicated teams of professionals we manage both large and small programmes to deliver result on time, on budget and to the declared quality standard.

Our approach to creating a pragmatic programme and project management method is as follows


WHP Services Model

Key success factors are:

Agreeing the key needs of the programme

Defining the cost, time, quality and specification required is key at the outset.


Agreeing who reports what to whom and when. Many different models can be utilised.


Creating a team approach across all stakeholders that 'work together' in the challenging environments.

Goal Alignment

Ensure the stakeholders goals are aligned, realistic and achievable in terms of scope time and commercial elements.

Working Practices

There are many variations at working processes and procedures in the industry so it is important we establish and agree these from the outset.

Completion and hand over

It is important to determine at the outset what is required to handle our elements or whole aspect at the beginning of a project.