As the industry has evolved there has become the need for end to end expert managed services.

WHP Telecoms has evolved in this regard and has established an impressive track record. Each managed service has its own characteristics and objectives and when engaged we design a specific service to meet the client needs.

The key ingredients to designing a service that meet the client needs AND delivers the results are:

  • Clarity and commitment by clients. The opportunity may be complex but with close collaboration with client representatives we establish a true picture of ‘AS-IS’ across the clients. Asking the right questions is key.
  • Innovation. Based on an understanding of ‘AS-IS’ we will design innovation that will be focused on processes, structure, culture, leadership, governance, technology (systems etc.). Additionally, monitoring and measuring the impact of innovation is very important.
  • Collaboration. This is fundamental to success and we create true partnerships with our clients, so we jointly focus on the key measures that determine success.
  • Evidence. We will ensure that the needs of the programme, the business and the whole stakeholder group are clear on the evidence that monitors the service. To do this we build confidence, trust and how we manage the evidence.
  • Differentiation. Our customers place great emphasis on key outcomes and we therefore design and deliver managed services that are compelling, and value based. We will be delighted to discuss our bespoke approach to potential client needs.