WHP Telecoms Goes Live With First Scottish 4G Infill Telecommunications Base Station

Providing 4G Connectivity To The Local Community In A Previous Notspot

19 February 2020. WHP Telecoms (WHP) is proud to announce that its first Scottish 4G Infill (S4GI) site has gone live. Vodafone is now live at the new 25 metre tower located in New Luce, Dumfries & Galloway providing much needed connectivity to the local community.

The mast at New Luce

A mobile mast in the area has been a part of the New Luce Community Trust’s action plan for many years and WHP along with Scottish Government, Scottish Futures Trust and Vodafone have made the plan a reality.

Ian Birleson and Eamonn Harnett have led the project for WHP and they would personally like to thank everyone involved in this programme including the fantastic S4GI teams at WHP, Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust, to Vodafone, Cornerstone, Openreach, Scottish Power, the landlowner and tenant farmer, and to the New Luce Community Trust who have all supported WHP in making this possible.

Martyn Cheyne (Strategic Development Director, WHP Telecoms) said, “This is a great achievement for everyone involved and another important moment in WHP Telecoms’ growth.  Providing connectivity to mobile notspots is transformational but challenging.  It takes a truly collaborative approach to succeed.  WHP continue to work with Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust to provide connectivity to more than 30 other Scottish notspots in 2020 supported in the main by EE as they continue to improve rural connectivity and develop their Emergency Services Network.”

About S4GI

The aim of the S4GI programme is to deliver 4G LTE infrastructure and services to notspots in Scotland, and is backed with up to £25 million, which includes £10 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support activity in the Highlands and Islands region of Scotland.

About WHP Telecoms

WHP Telecoms (WHP) is the longest established provider of professional and network support services to the UK wireless telecoms sector and infrastructure providers.  WHP is S4GI’s Infrastructure Provider with the scope to acquire, design, build and connect power and fibre to the portfolio of sites which will be owned and operated by WHP.

All enquiries to media@whptelecoms.com

The Scottish Government is the Managing Authority for the European Structural Funds 2014-2020 Programme. For further information visit the website or follow @scotsgovESIF.


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