The UK telecoms industry has never been more complex than it is today. The quality and type of mobile sites, coupled with major businesses initiatives of technology migration, make it a challenging marketplace to navigate.

Fixed network migration, complex contracting structures, role of vendors and asset management companies has made the maintenance world a complex industry.  In addition the ‘sharing’ of technology and assets drives complexity in term of responsibility boundaries. At times the very important service of maintenance can be inefficient and ineffective and directly cause service headaches to operators.

WHP telecoms has created a sensible growth plan in the form of an inspection and maintenance service. We have developed this service over the last 2 years and now have a successful track record which will grow in the future.

They key attributes of our inspected maintenance service are:

Nationwide Coverage

For our 5 major operational base we conduct all our services nationwide.  This is a key element for maintenance.

Multi-Disciplined Team

Because we have all the in-house skills ready to deliver maintenance service from engineers, design construction, field and operational management we are able to design cost effective expert for each and every assignment.


With 500 telecom skilled personnel in our business a 30+ year history and a communicative 70,000 ‘sites worked on’ the breadth and depth within the team is probably the best in the country.

Client Base

Given our market position that we work for all operators, all vendors and each and every multi site asset business, this enables us to have unique insights to the UK site landscape. We can leverage knowledge on a confidential basis and solve challenging programmes and service level requirements in a customer focused manner.