Private Microwave Network at Risk


A leading microwave equipment vendor had partially completed a significant network of interconnected microwave links for a high profile client. However, the final link in the chain required use of an intermediate site with particularly complex acquisition and build challenges. Progress on this site had stalled and resulted in the rest of the network being unusable. The overall project was late and not providing the required connectivity – even though the majority of the capital investment in the project had been expended.


WHP engaged with the microwave vendor and discovered that up until that point multiple suppliers had been involved with every aspect of the project – resulting in multiple hand-offs, human error, delays and with no one party with overall responsibility for delivery of the project. This approach had resulted in slow and expensive completion of most of the sites involved in the project but had failed completely to progress the difficult site with complex interactions between site provider, local authority planners, existing tenants on the sites and installation teams.

WHP put in place a small team of multi-disciplined dedicated professionals to progress the key elements;

  • Acquisition surveyor
  • Design Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Rigging / Installation & commissioning team (including crane operator)

We organised a multi skilled site visit with the team along with site owner, local authority planning officer, client and existing ‘other users’. During this visit it was identified that much of the equipment on the site was redundant & with agreement from the other users it was agreed that this could be removed. The objections of the planning officer (who had been worried about the excessive amount of equipment in a picturesque area) were removed. A tentative design was agreed whilst on site. The location could only be accessed by use of a crane and it was agreed that the same machine could be used to remove the redundant equipment on the day of installation. The site provider had been about to lose rental income from the redundant equipment – now replaced with income from the new client. WHP successfully applied for planning permission for the new scheme (based on removal of old equipment) and secured agreements which were agreeable to all parties.


Within eight weeks, WHP had arranged powers, designed & fabricated steelwork, arranged cranes & associated road closure permits, installed equipment cabinets antennas and microwave equipment and commissioned the radio links. All parties (client, site provider, planning officer, and other site sharer) were happy with the outcome. The same client has subsequently engaged WHP on over a dozen other sites. WHP’s client has enjoyed the benefits of having end to end ownership with one supplier – from site identification, line of sight survey & design work and planning application, through to civil / structural engineering, plant hire and final I & C. Additionally WHP now provide on-going maintenance support on the networks which have been constructed.