Site Share management service with virtual project management team


The client had major challenges with its portfolio of programmes and needed a partner to;

  • Provide an experienced Site Share project management team
  • Manage all incoming and outgoing Site Share applications
  • Improve the perception of the clients Site Share offering


WHP made a proposal to manage all Site Share applications as an end to end managed service from within the client’s office with a virtual project management team. The aim was to provide a fully managed service and improve the overall Site Share experience; encouraging more Site Share applications from other Mobile Network Operators.

The team was integrated into the client’s own team. This allowed us to manage the workload of both incoming and outgoing Site Share applications more effectively and efficiently, working alongside the client’s existing network roll out team. This also freed up client resources and enabled the client to utilise their own project management resource on other projects.

Within an 18 month period, the team managed over 400 successful Site Share applications through acquisition, design and build.


  • Successfully integrated virtual project management team
  • Introduction of a more effective and efficient Site Share management process
  • Over 400 successful Site Share applications
  • Improved perception of client Site Share service
  • Improved Site Share service resulting in an increased number of Site Share applications
  • Freed up client resources for other projects
  • Forged lasting positive relationships to the benefit of the client