Forced Site Move replacement site build in Edinburgh with rapid deployment required to avoid loss of coverage for two Mobile Network Operators


WHP received instructions to deploy a new multi-user monopole site in Edinburgh from a client on Friday 8 March. Deployment by 3 April was critical – 3 ½ weeks from instruction to completion – to avoid loss of coverage for two Mobile Network Operators.


WHP had previously identified that underground services were running through the proposed site. Design and build teams were on site for trial digs undertaken on 11 March. Services were located, measured and the site moved. Drawings were updated the next day and work commenced on site on 14 March with excavation and the pouring of rapid-set concrete.

Subsequently, the site configuration was changed by one of the Mobile Network Operators. A design team was on hand to revise drawings and immediately deliver them to site to ensure that the build team had the correct information. Snow caused additional delays. WHP returned to site on 19 March to complete the civils element. The new tower was delivered to site on 21 March and was lifted into position the same day. MNO equipment was installed and the site rigged on 22 March.


The client was delighted with;

  • Rapid deployment overcoming several site issues to meet critical deadline
  • Final works overseen by client directors who were “delighted” with the outcome
  • Zero loss of coverage
  • Successful project management
  • Complete solution ownership
  • Risk identification and risk management – several site issues successfully resolved
  • Flexibilty to adapt to changing instructions without delaying deployment