The challenge to the client was to deliver some 400 sites in the most remote area of Britain in record time. A specific area of challenge was the mountains and valleys of Scotland – areas that traditionally have been difficult to provide mobile coverage.

In record time WHP was commissioned to design, acquire, construct and commission mobile sites on behalf of the Police, Fire and Ambulance. The timescales and remoteness of site location were the biggest challenges WHP faced.



Immediately after instruction WHP mobilised a multi-disciplinary task force comprising some 30 staff members. We adapted our standard business processes to meet the programme needs and incorporated the ‘team culture’ as outlined by our client.

Hitting the ground running was key to success and the team working with all the other stakeholders achieved numerous ‘highs’ during the programme. Amongst the successes were:

  • Fast track surveys with focused recommendations to enable timely site selection
  • 24 hour working to achieve the design and drawing preparation deadlines
  • Very proactive liaison with planning authorities which enabled approvals in record time – some in locations that have been rejected in recent past
  • Innovative build tactics that included helicopters and almost 24 hour day construction effort
  • Seamless commissioning and integration activities which was achieved by WHP proactively managing the specialist technical firms such as Huawei

The dedicated effort of all concerned ensured the programme was a huge success.


The goals of the programme was achieved and expectations exceeded on all fronts. We are particularly proud of the client sentiment expressed at the end of the programme:

“The hockey stick of delivery could not have been executed in a better manor. The team culture was anticipating for every detail and to have Respect of each other and the Trust – all so instrumental to the collective success”.

“This has been an enormous achievement delivered by an amazing team. The way we work with our partners as a single unified team sharing challenges and successes has been key to success”.