Creating and delivering a programme which was not only “lean” governance across all stakeholders but designed to deliver 2,000 sites in 24 months.


UK Mobile operator needs to accelerate its 4G implementation in an accelerated manner to meet the needs of the business. Many engagement models had been tried in the past but from turnkey contracts with vendors or major asset management firms, none had been particularly successful.

Key client personnel decided to consult with WHP, a partner of 12 years and subsequently created a unique programme structure and culture after focused discussions.


Focussed workshops reviewed various options at engagement covering scope, governance, site count, and other important facets. Both client and WHP explored in details the relative importance of the programme challenges and from this basis the managed service scope and programme was designed. Commitment, trust and mutual respect formed the basis of the engagement.

The initial phase of the programme lasted 3 months and during this time, detail of the site design, prioritising sites, fast decisions, cost guidelines and governance models were agreed upon.

The “lean approach” adopted by the client and WHP soon paid dividends in the following manner;

– Few interfaces with increased efficiency
– Common database and integrated reporting
– Innovation in use of technologies to enable team communications
– Gathering of sites ensuring precision in forecasting and cost control

Simplified package pricing models that simplified end of project invoicing.

The programme rapidly gained momentum and from the initial batch of sites, circa 600 pot, instructed the client ensured this was maintained by regularly adding batches of 300 sites to the plan…at the right time.


The result of this programme is outstanding, in just 24 months over 2,000 sites have been implemented from acquisition, design, construction, installation and commissioning. The lean approach has meant the total cost of implementation is one of the lowest the industry has seen in 25 years.

During project inception WHP were able to ask the right questions to the right people within the client’s domain. This resulted in potential blockers / issues foreseen by WHP being quickly assessed and agreements made to remove or agree workarounds. By providing acquisition, design & build support at inception and carrying out numerous trials gave us a fantastic understanding early in the process of what the client required. WHP provided transparent results to assist the client share our finding with all design/build partners, this resulted in both us and our client delivering on all fronts.
Reinforcing the client’s perspective the Network Programme Director said “WHP performed tremendously since the early consultation process, they designed it then delivered it”.